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WILD HOMES INC. is a company that bases its business on
honesty, open communication with our clients, and
affordability not easily found in the construction industry
We utilize only highly skilled and fully insured  
subcontractors.  We are on the jobsite consistently to ensure
that the materials and workmanship have met with the
client's approval and are on par with our own high standards.  
It is the attention to detail we bring to each home that makes
the quality so extraordinary.  
Regardless of a home's size, every owner has a maximum cost
in mind.  Wild Homes, Inc. understands this very well.  We
realize that no one likes surprises.  We try very hard to
communicate the impact of each decision on the final cost.  
Again, clear communication is at the foundation of each home
built by Wild Homes, Inc.

Getting Started Guide-click for how the process

What to expect in the building of your dream home:

Before the start of construction, considerable time
will be expended in creating the specifications and
details of your home.  We believe that the
investment in time spent with our customers, before
construction, provides for fewer changes and a
more efficient building process.

During the construction process, on-site meetings
are utilized at every stage of the project to
guarantee excellent interaction and satisfaction.  

Our availability to our customers for questions and
concerns is a core belief of our company.  
Communication is the key ingredient to customer
satisfaction and a pleasurable building experience.

After completion, you can feel assured that should
any problems arise during the first year of living in
your home, Wild Homes, Inc. will take care of it.  
Any defects will be addressed and repaired to your
satisfaction.  We guarantee our workmanship free
from defects for one year and the structural
integrity of your home for ten years.
Many people ask about our logo.  It is David Wild's (our uncle)
cattle brand registered in California. It is the W-Cross brand.  
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